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metallumai in collected_fudz


It's been a while. I let myself get suckered into Facebook because, well, time. Laziness. It's easier to hit the "like" button than it is to actually say something back to people who've said something that deserves a response. And it's easier to just look at pictures than it is to read my friends' actual thoughts, unless they're one-liners.... SORRY EVERYBODY!!

The truth is, I have more time now than I used to when I was writing here, so there's no excuse.

I think I'm back; I need the practice. I seem to have a story brewing and I'll have to remember how to at least type if I want to get it visible.

It's been so long, LiveJournal has learned a bunch of new tricks. Wonder if I'm actually posting anything at all, or to whom? If this is to everyone, please let me know; just comment or ...hit "like" or something.