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metallumai in collected_fudz

Fish Chowder, for essayel

A big pot. Water sufficient to cover a pound of fish (I used cod this time, but any white fish will do) four or five potatoes, cut into about 1-inch chunks and a 1-pound bag of those mini carrots, or cut regular ones into "pennies" as my kids say. Also good is a few stalks of celery, leaves and all, cut small.

Add salt and pepper, and simmer it all until the veggies are soft. Mash a few of the potatoes against the side of the pot, and thicken with equal parts butter and flour-- I like two or three tablespoons of each-- rolled into small balls and stirred in.

Turn off the fire and stir in heavy cream, or milk and cream, to the consistency you like.Oh yes, now add the dill. Fresh or dried, it's good either way!